LOTUSWEI Institute
LOTUSWEI Institute
LOTUSWEI Institute

Are you ready to bloom?

Welcome to a whole new world of fearless self-discovery & clarity through flowers. xo, Katie

Flowers unleash our full potential. 

They are the antenna of Mother Earth. Reaching their roots deep down into the ground, flowers are inseparable from the Earth's ecosystem of 4.8 billion years of wisdom & experience.

By tapping into flowers & their elixirs, we have a method at our fingertips that helps us be our happiest, clearest & most loving selves.

Flower essences are a way of life. 

Whether it's with delicious & luxurious elixirs, intimate flower elixir-infused events or interactive flower essence education courses, our work is to inspire fearless self-discovery, crystal clear clarity & total embodiment of who you are.

Reaching a critical mass.

If 3% of the world's population were actively taking flower essences, it would create enough of a ripple effect that would change the outcome of the future—in a very positive way. 

That's the power of flower essences & human potential.  

Join a courageous group of flower beacons.

This space is a container for learning more about the secret healing power of flowers—but more importantly, it's a place to learn more about yourself. 

Join me & let's transform the world by transforming ourselves.